Following comments about the updated website, I have added a slideshow facility. Not sure it is the right answer, to be honest. Visitors still have to go back to the gallery page to get detailed information about the works, but maybe people aren't so interested in that. I'll leave it like it is for the moment and see how I feel in a couple of days.

Once again I was ruminating about my work in relation to that of other artists. I wrote about this a couple of weeks ago, and at least once several months back. A couple of weeks ago I was talking about whether or not others have already covered the ground I am exploring, but not wanting my judgement to be coloured by others. Several months ago I was ranting about something I read which implied (intentionally or not) that Malevich's white squares have a definitive symbolism which defines all subsequent white squares; and on I went (it is here if you want to read it).

What brought this to mind is that I remembered something else I read recently (by a student, I think), that said how a lecturer had insisted that students MUST be aware of how their work is positioned within the contemporary art world. I'm uncomfortable with this, I think because it seems to suggest that artists must find a way to 'fit in' - be a part of the current trend.

I love to see art, and I have mentioned before that I seem to be drawn to work which is different to my own. I also want to be informed, but I don't want to be informed by. I think there is an important distinction.

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