Feeling a bit out of it today, for a few reasons.

I had an unusually restless night last night, followed by a hard day today. All sorts of things going through my mind; plus a few ideas almost resolved, others frustratingly elusive because they remain glimmers of something promising.

Invaluable as it is, trying to do research on the internet makes me acutely aware that it is no substitute for the real world. I need to see art, people, things. You can't look at a perfume and know how it smells.

Art Space welcomes a new artist for the International Residency - Josefina Posch. I would have liked to have been there for that. All sorts of other things going on here and there, making me feel quite cut off. Very cut off. Major culture fix coming up when I get back to England.

I came across a mention of Kodachrome today. It brought back the thrill of getting slides back in the post. Beautiful rich, saturated colours, and the added pleasure of occasionally getting an extra slide.... I haven't looked at my slides for years. Must do that when I get back.

Scribbling notes in my book. Come to the perennial 'surely someone must have covered this ground already'. This happens fairly often; I am tempted to look at existing debate, but I feel that it is more important that I work something out for myself. What I mean is that I don't want my thinking to be coloured by someone else's. If it turns out that I am just another monkey at a typewriter so be it. I conclude (once again) that it is irrelevant if someone has already covered my theorising - not in my practice, they haven't.

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