A postcard from France

I made a start on a postcard for 6by4 at Art Space yesterday evening, and got so in to it I worked on and finished it last night! It is different from the one I was originally planning (which I think would have turned out OK), but I really like this one. Almost tempted to pretend it wasn't for the exhibition....! I would like to post a picture of it, but then it wouldn't be a secret any more!

I have been pushing myself a bit hard lately, and decided to take a day off (my 'French' blog explains what I have been getting up to if you are interested). I feel a little guilty because I don't have a great deal of time left before I come back to England, and I still have an awful lot to do here to make the building good for the winter. At least I get to spend time on some artwork.

It's funny how things circle around. Last year got me in to working with available materials, the postcard started out very different but ended up referring back at that (no bones or flies, I promise), and then the postcard led me on to something else. The threads are consistent with my practice, which is good, and if anything they underscore the direction.

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