I decided to write briefly about why I have chosen some of the artists I have linked to. Partly because I don't want friends I haven't mentioned to be offended, partly to provide a context. The work isn't necessarily directly connected to my practice, but possesses qualities I deem important.

I am fixated by Natalie Dowse's work. I frequently find her paintings surprising. By this I mean unexpected, unpredictable - the subject matter, the treatment, and the rendering. It sometimes seems as though the subjects are filtered through the eyes of a memory. I can't put my finger on it. I start by asking myself 'what is behind this?' and I go on searching. Wonderful stuff.

I first came across Kate Smith's work on Axis, then later again through a link on Natalie Dowse's blog. Primarily concerned with drawing, she has a meticulous approach (technically and intellectually), a concern with minutiae against, and contrasted with, a considered use of scale and space.

I saw Cheryl Lane's work at WW Gallery. Her paintings struck me immediately: loose, a restricted colour palette, deeply emotional and hauntingly beautiful. It was only later when I learnt of her illness. She died in early 2010.

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  1. Thank you Phil for your kind words. Very much appreciated as always a struggle for me :)

  2. The pleasure is mine, love your work!

  3. Thanks for your comments Phil and good luck on the 16th!!

  4. Thank you Kate, I'm very much looking forward to seeing the real thing.