Files is an anagram of flies

First things first. After writing about my friend who's computer files went AWOL, guess who didn't bother backing up? This evening I lost a fairly important file - not the absolute worst that could have happened, I will be able to duplicate it with a bit of effort - but FFS, BACK UP! My recently completed work 'Drawing of a room' could have been lost. That would have upset me a great deal.

Next, what I was intending to write about, is my little book, and being away from the studio.

I have been making lots of notes, sketches, little observations. It feels like a kind of 'in between' state, because I don't consider I will be acting upon the things I have been recording until I am back in the studio. I invested a lot of thought into the fly piece, perhaps I shouldn't beat myself up too much if I don't jump straight into something else.

I am going to start building a list of links to artists whose work strikes a particular chord. If my blog is an insight into my practice, I ought to show this.

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