...but discussing it may be something else

This is where I run into difficulties with blogging. I do find it a useful means of making notes and expressing various thoughts (as odd as they must seem), but as for talking about experimental works-in-progress other than in general terms, I'm not sure that I am entirely comfortable. Not in public, at least. It's probably not wise, either, come to think of it.

The point of experimentation
To experiment is to do something untried, and then to quantify the results in some way. I remember at school, in science, growing crystals or some such thing. One of the others complained to the teacher that his experiment "had not worked". The teacher explained that an experiment always works, it was just that this particular pupil had not had the results he expected - he had done something different to the rest of us, and consequently finished up with a different result.

An artistic experiment has parallels. We have an idea to try something; we try it, then to quantify we decide if we are happy with the results (the definition of happy in this case is something else again). I thrive on experimentation. Sometimes I'm satisfied with the result, sometimes I'm not.

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